The morning two days after Walter Peak we were surprised to find that our legs still worked and so decided to do a light bike ride. Initially we planned to drive to Arrowtown and then hire some electric bikes (not necessary, but were happy for an easy option) and ride to Gibbston Valley Vineyard. However, because the weather was looking a tad uncertain, we decided to stay closer to home (which in the end landed up making no difference as we got drenched by rain anyway).

Hiring standard pedal-bikes from Bikes and Beyond we followed the above route on the lake's edge, until we got to Jack's Point Golf Clubhouse. Besides one or two steep sections, the track is flat, well maintained and easy to navigate.

We arrived at the clubhouse as it started to rain and so went in for a drink and their amazing almond sticky buns. An hour or so later the rain appeared to be slowing down and so we headed back home along the road, hoping to remain dry and free of mud. We got the second part right, arriving back mud-free but drenched.

Almond Sticky Bun

The weather lifted, the sun came out and so we went for a late Ferg Burger lunch on the lake.

Ferg at its best!
These burgers simply can't be beaten

The day ended with a first-table dinner at Flame; another eatery I can't recommend highly enough.

Surf 'N' Turf Skewer

Note to self, "Don't eat a Ferg Burger late afternoon if you are planning to have an early dinner at Flame."

Alas, as a result of the above I had no room for my usual i.e. the Flame Mixed Grill and had to settle for the Surf 'N' turf Skewer.